DJNNI is a path breaking solution to a lot of chronic service issues faced by the customer in the consumer durable space. Some of the prevalent niggles are:

How do I reach each service center (mail/phone/app/site)

With more than 60 gadgets & appliances in each home spread over ~ 40 brands it is virtually impossible to store contact details of each. This problem gets even more manifested with changing service centers and numbers or contact points for each brand. With DJNNI this problem becomes irrelevant.

Storing invoices & service receipts

Every service demands varied information like purchase date or serial number or some specification about the gadget being serviced and it’s a growing irritant for the consumer to maintain and reproduce these documents at point of breakdown or service thereby making an already stressful situation more undesirable. The DJNNI locker attaches your invoices to each of your appliances available at a snap.

Awareness of appropriate care products

Care products, specifically AMCs & extended warranty products have long been unorganized and unavailable. With the maintenance expenses mounting a customer would love to be covered under such a product to avoid over spending. However in the current scenario the customer has no avenue to evaluate or purchase an appropriate care product. At DJNNI we offer you an open market to evaluate care products offered by each brand and organized retail.

Time constraint–logging complaints, follow ups, escalations

The process of logging in complaints are often tedious and long drawn. Also in case of ineffective or inappropriate service the consumer does not know what next steps can be employed. At DJNNI we offer you escalations, rating your service experience as well as follow ups on your behalf.

Servicing of out –of –warranty products

As gadgets get old and are not covered by warranty or belong to a lesser known brand with unknown or nonexistent service network the consumer is left with limited choices on cost and effectiveness of service. The service either gets too expensive considering the age of the product or unreliable considering the kind of unorganized service options. At DJNNI we offer you a large network of trained engineers for certified & economical service options.

Local technician

Increasing price and technological advancement is making our local technician an undesirable option for your homes. Apart from this security concerns with unknown faces and references can be an unnerving experience. Consumers are often unaware of the adverse effect of using a local technician assuming brand service to be expensive and time consuming. This myth has the following impact on your precious equipment:

  • Product life is significantly reduced
  • Reliability of parts used and replaced
  • Safety of your gadget and home
  • Resolution in case of dispute
  • Not covered by AMC or extended warranty thus out of pocket expense

At DJNNI we connect you back to your brand and authorized service center and certified engineers